This is my repository of links to pages and/or software that I find personally beneficial (or just plain awesome) that I think you should dig on. Please contact me and let me know if there’s anything here that you found helpful, insightful, or again, just plain awesome.


BBC News – One of the best news services. The only thing it lacks is good old fashioned American sensationalism.
Project Gutenberg – Public domain eBooks. Feed that eReader!
South Park Studios – Watch every episode of South Park on the official website.

Computers and Software

Skype – It’s the Internet’s phone company.  Dig it.  I know I do. – Tell Bill to suck it with this Microsoft-compatible office suite.
Inkscape – A free vector-based drawing program that uses the SVG standard. Compare to CorelDraw.
InfraRecorder – Freeware CD-Burning software for Windows. The best of the bunch yet.
Darik’s Boot & Nuke – If you need your hard drive wiped of its data, there’s no better freeware program. – A website “favicon” icon generator to make that custom icon for the address bar of your website.

Ubuntu Linux & Resources

If you’re interested in getting away from Microsoft, Ubuntu Linux is the best way.

Ubuntu Linux – The world’s leading desktop and server Linux distro.
Ubuntu Forums – The official Ubuntu Forums for community-driven tech support.
Ubuntu Guide – A very good guide to configuring a fresh Ubuntu Linux install.


Last.FM – Free internet radio and listening stats tracking.


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